Rules of Pontoon

Countless variants of the game blackjack are everywhere. One of these variants becomes well-known among the British players - the Pontoon.

Pontoon is the British counterpart of blackjack. The basic rules of these two games are almost the same. However, like the other variants of blackjack, this British version has its own unique rules on top of the basics. To understand how you can dominate this game, this article has explained the guidelines in playing it.

Players must place their desired bets in order to start the game. As soon as everyone has decided the amount of their bets, two (2) cards will be shared to the dealer and to the other player. The dealer has the privilege not to show any of his cards.

The dealer's cards will be revealed when he has a Pontoon Hand. An ace card and a card with 10 points like 10, Jack, Queen, or King encompass this hand. The game ends and dealer bags the prize if he has this winning card combination. If not, then the game continues and the other players still have the chance.

There are specific actions that must be done by the players based on their card's value. If the player's hand is less than or equal to 14, the player should hit, split, or double. If the player's hand is more than or equal to 15, the player has the control to do whatever he wants.

On the other hand, the dealer has some required actions too depending on his possessed hand. If the dealer's hand is less than or equal to 17, the dealer should hit. If the dealer's hand is more than or equal to 18, the dealer should stand.

In general, the basic technique to grab greater winnings is to hit if your card is in lower teens, stay if your card is in higher teens, and double down if your card is either 10 or 11. You may also want to consider practicing with the online version of this game since the online and offline versions have the same rules.

The player is permitted to get more cards as long as he is not yet reaching a value greater than 21. If so, then the player busts and loses. At the end of the game, the one with a card combination nearest to 21 wins.