Counting Cards in Blackjack

Counting cards is a fascinating pastime yet one that most casinos actively frown upon. While it may get you kicked out of a land-based casino, it is still an interested skill to learn and even if you can't employ it to full effect, it can give you an advantage, however slight, that you wouldn't otherwise have. There are a few ways to learn to improve when it comes to card counting in blackjack.

Play as the Dealer or Play with One

New players should start learning this practice by dealing cards to themselves. Deal cards like you normally would for a blackjack table of four other players. While you do this, employ a system to learn when you have an advantage. Once you've managed self-dealing, the next step is to have someone deal to you. The concept is the same, but the advantage is that it is closer to the experience of playing in a land-based casino. It's especially challenging to do this if your friend deals fast. Spend some time trying to figure out where your advantage would be when counting cards.

Invest in a Software Program

There are multiple software programs that can help you learn how to master this practice. Some of them are even available for free on the internet. There are other programs available that do require payment. If you are serious about becoming a skilled in this method, it may be worth the investment in the programs. Many of these programs can teach techniques that you simply cannot learn with hands of cards being dealt to you.

New Online Video Poker Games

Watch Casino Games

There is no better way to learn than by watching live casino games. Stand off to the side and watch the hands being dealt. In a land-based a casino, there are measures in place to prevent or circumvent card counters, but even with these in place, it is possible to give yourself a bit of an advantage. Sometimes it's just enough to ensure a few good wins, or at the very least, the minimum of losses.